• Polish yacht producers – Poland’s only luxury industry 16.04.2014
    There are nearly 1000 companies in Poland, which specialize in manufacturing yachts and yacht equipment, the Central Statistics Office data show. Moreover, these 1000 companies achieve an average annual output of approximately 22,000 yachts a year, the Polish Chamber of Marine Industry and Water Sports reports.
  • Over 13 Billion PLN from Privatisation in 2012-2013 15.04.2014 Fot. KPRM
    13.6 billion PLN – this is the revenue from ownership transformation operations conducted in 2012 and 2013. Within this period, the Ministry of Treasury has completed 534 privatisation projects. The majority of revenues – 11.1 billion PLN – was from stock exchange privatisation.
  • Supervisory Board of the PIR at Full Complement 14.04.2014
    On 11 April 2014, the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders appointed Ms Lucyna Stańczak-Wuczyńska to serve as a member of the Supervisory Board of Polskie Inwestycje Rozwojowe (Polish Investments for Development) S.A. As a result, in accordance with the Articles of Association of the Company, the Supervisory Board has 9 members, while most of them, i.e. 5, are independent members.
  • Investor Relations with Shareholders 14.04.2014
    “Investor Relations – Practical Knowledge on the Methods of Communication with Individual Investors,” a series of training courses dedicated to managers and people responsible for investor relations in companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, is now available at



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