Ministry of Treasury Accessibility -



The office service was created in accordance with W3C and WCAG2.0 standards based on mechanisms facilitating access to the contents to the disabled.

Compliance with the standards

The service complies with the following standards W3C:

  • HTML5

  • WCAG 2.0 (double A)

  • and Section 508


The service is fully recognised by text-to-speech software for the blind, such as Window-Eyes, JAWS czy NVDA.

Service can be operated by means of a keyboard and a mouse.


The service has mechanisms facilitating contents browsing by the visually impaired. Change of font size, contract.

The service is based on CSS styles.

Keyboard shortcuts

The service is not equipped with keyboard shortcuts which could be in conflict with the assisting technologies (e.g. text-to-speech software), the system or applications of the users.