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Senior Officials

Maciej Małecki

  • Maciej Małecki, Secretary of State
    Maciej Małecki, Secretary of State

Curriculum Vitae

Maciej Małecki was born in 1974 in Warsaw.

He is the graduate of historic studies at the Catholic University of Lublin where he also completed postgraduate education at the KUL Self-governing Study, the management studies in Warsaw School of Economics and the College of the Social and Media Culture in Toruń.

From 1998 to 2011 he exercised a mandate of a councillor. In the period 2002-2006 he managed the works of the City Council in Sochaczew, and he was subsequently appointed as its Vice-Chairman.

In 2011 he was elected as the Member of Parliament from the list of Law and Justice. During the 7th term of office of the Sejm he worked, inter alia, in the Commission of State Treasury. He is currently the Member of Parliament of the second term of office - in 2015 he was re-elected in Płock district.

Maciej Małecki is also the member of the commission on Energy and State Treasury as its Vice-Chairman.



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