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Senior Officials

Henryk Kowalczyk

  • Henryk Kowalczyk, Minister of Treasury
    Henryk Kowalczyk, Minister of Treasury


Pursuant to the appointment of the Prime Minister of 15 october 2016, Henryk Kowalczyk, the Minister - Member of the Council of Ministers replaces the Minister of Treasury.

1. The Minister determines the tasks and supervises the work of the following organisational units in the Ministry: 

  • Political Cabinet of the Minister;
  • Public Relations Office;
  • Office of the Minister, subject to tasks in the field of international cooperation.

2. The Minister of Treasury supervises directly the Plenipotentiary for Non-public Information Protection with respect to the tasks stemming from the Act of 5 August 2010 on Non-public Information Protection

3. The exclusive competences of the Minister of Treasury include: 

1) appointing and dismissing the bodies of companies and entities; 

2) in the following sectors: telecommunications, banking, financial and capital market institutions, pharmaceutical and medicine distribution industry, gas industry (extraction, distribution, trade), oil industry, power engineering: 

a) signing the agreements to sell shares held by the Treasury, agreements related to the acquisition of shares in the increased initial capital of companies and other agreements related to encumbering the shares of companies, in the Treasury name; 

b) exercising the rights from shares in companies with the Treasury shareholding, related to: 

  • disposal of the enterprise or its organised part; 
  • lease out of the enterprise or its organised part; 
  • establishment of the right to use the enterprise or its organised part; 
  • mergers, transformations, division of companies with Treasury shareholding; 
  • institution of a pledge or another encumbrance on the shares. 

4. In matters reserved for the sole competence of the Minister of Treasury, the documents addressed to the Minister should be approved by the competent Secretaries or Undersecretaries of State, according to the supervised economic branches, sectors and entities.

5. The Minister of Treasury controls the following bodies:

  • Powszechny Zakład Ubezpieczeń S.A., Warszawa

6. The Minister of Treasury supervises performance of tasks for the security and defence of state, including those:

1) related to the organisation and performance of tasks within the popular defence obligation, tasks for the security and defensive powers of state carried out by the entrepreneurs and protection of facilities important for the security and defensive powers of the state;

2) stemming from the Act on some compensation agreements executed in connection with the supply agreements for the security and defensive capacities of the state;

3) stemming from the Minister's competencies in relation to the Military Property Agency.




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