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Organisational structure

Human Resources Office

Director Katarzyna Kosińska
Telephone /+48 22/ 695 87 57
Fax /+48 22/ 695 94 09


The tasks of the Office comprise:

  1. implementation of the personal policy;

  2. preparation of the proposal on human resource management programme in the civil service and monitoring of the status of its implementation;

  3. implementation of the employment process at the Ministry, including, in particular:

    1. dealing with issues arising from establishment, continuation and termination of the employment relationship,

    2. keeping employees’ personal files and other employee documentation;

  4. maintaining the employee HR and payroll database (Egeria) in the ZSI system and operation of the “ZUS Payer” programme;

  5. dealing with issues associated with referring employees to preliminary tests, periodical and control medical tests as well as ophthalmologic examinations within the preventive health care;

  6. supervising the compliance with discipline and staff rules;

  7. supervising the compliance with the occupational health and safety regulations;

  8. maintaining the database of positions subject to description and valuation and registering of changes and filing the documentation in this scope;

  9. performing of recruitment of candidates to the civil service corps, as well as organisation of competitions in accordance with the applicable legal regulations;

  10. organisation of the preparatory service;

  11. coordination of the employee assessment process, including the periodical assessment of civil service officials;

  12. performing the FTE allocation of organisational units of the Ministry, supervising the use of the allocated employment limits;

  13. planning and control of wage level, administration of the wage fund in cooperation with the Department of Budget and Finance, administration of the award fund and preparation of analyses related to employment and wages;

  14. analysing training needs, preparation of training plans, organisation and documenting training, drawing up reports;

  15. conducting lifelong learning for members of the civil service corps, based on individual development programmes;

  16. organisation of foreign internships;

  17. organisation of students’ practice and work placements;

  18. maintaining the register of powers of attorney, excluding the appointment ofrepresentatives ad litem;

  19. preparation of the documentation of medals, awards and distinctions for employees of enterprises for which the Minister is the founding body or for companies with the State Treasury shareholding;

  20. planning of the budget of the Company Social Benefits Fund (ZFŚS) in cooperation with the Department of Budget and Finance, supervising the use of the ZFŚS funds and providing service to the Social Commission;

  21. cooperation with the unit competent for defence in the scope of ex officio complaints against members of the Ministry’s Management as well as ex officio or on request of the Ministry’s employees;

  22. issuing certificates of employment and wage for employees of liquidated state-owned enterprises towards which the Minister acted as the founding body;

  23. drawing up reports on performance of employment and payroll in cooperation with the Department of Budget;

  24. Drawing up information, reports and analyses concerning employment, in particular, for the needs of the Management and organisational units of the Ministry and the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.


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