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Organisational structure

Public Relations Office

Director Wioletta Ciska
Telephone /+48 22/ 695 91 91
Fax /+48 22/ 629 98 38


  1. The tasks of the Office comprise:

    1. implementation of tasks arising from the assumptions of the media, information and promotion policy of the Ministry defined by the Ministry’s Management, in agreement with the Political Cabinet;

    2. coordination of activities associated with presentation of the Minister’s policy, including the cooperation with representatives of media;

    3. planning and coordination of the communication service of social aspects of key privatisation projects;

    4. preparation of the Minister’s announcements and positions in agreement with organisational units of the Ministry and the Political Cabinet;

    5. preparation of press reviews and problem-oriented studies, analysis of the contents related to the activities of the Ministry based on radio, TV materials and social media;

    6. maintaining the website of the Ministry and the website of the Public Information Bulletin as well as other websites belonging to the Ministry, through administration, editing and publishing as well as updating of information presented on those websites;

    7. editing and publication of draft legal acts on the website of the Governmental Centre of Legislation, in the Governmental Legislative Process database;

    8. publication, on request of the Legal and Litigation Department, of the list of legislative works on the website of the Ministry;

    9. coordination of activities associated with the promotion of privatisation processes, including the coordination of information and promotion activities addressed to potential investors;

    10. conducting economic education projects and social campaigns in the scope of the Ministry’s competence;

    11. coordination of activities associated with public statements of the Minister and the Management members;

    12. dealing with issues related to the applications for patronage and invitations addressed to the Minister, including maintaining of the patronage database.

  2. In the Office, the Spokesperson position may be established whose tasks will include coordination of direct cooperation with the media. This position shall report directly to the Minister.


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