Ministry of Treasury Office of Director General - Organisational structure -


Organisational structure

Office of Director General

Director Mirosław Skowerski
Deputy Alicja Jerka
Telephone /+48 22/ 695 87 19
Fax /+48 22/ 695 89 35


  1. Tasks of the Office in the scope of provision of the relevant administrative and technical service of the Ministry and working conditions optimisation comprise:

    1. performing activities and providing service of tasks within the scope of responsibilitiesimposed on Director General pursuant to the relevant legal regulations, not reserved for the competence of other organisational units;

    2. performing activities associated with the administration of the Ministry’s assets;

    3. keeping the analytical register and settlements of asset components of the Ministry;

    4. preparation and conducting periodical stocktaking of the Ministry’s asset components, including the ICT equipment;

    5. performing tasks of technical nature ensuring the operation of the Ministry;

    6. conducting construction investment projects and renovations in the Ministry’s building and in buildings under permanent management of the Ministry;

    7. satisfying transport needs of the Ministry;

    8. administration of the general secretariat of the Ministry;

    9. administration of the Ministry’s archives and library;

    10. conducting of organisational and technical activities associated with administration of exams for candidates for members of supervisory boards in companies with the State Treasury shareholding, in liaison with the Office of the Minister.

  2. The tasks of the Office in the scope of provision of the security of persons and property, protection of classified information and other resources administered by the Ministry comprise:

    1. performing tasks associated with the protection of persons and property;

    2. performing tasks in the scope of fire protection;

    3. performing tasks in the scope of civil protection;

    4. performing tasks in the scope of classified information protection, imposed on the Minister.

  3. Providing for efficient coordination of activities associated with the public procurement procedure.

  4. Coordination and monitoring of activities of the Ministry’s organisational units, related to the provision of functioning of the adequate, efficient and effective management control at the Ministry and initiating improvements in this scope.

  5. In the scope of provision of the efficient and reliable performance of the Ministry’s ICT systems:

    1. coordination of activities aimed at updating and development of the overall computerisation programme of the Ministry, including leading and supervision over process of ZSI construction, development, protection and exploitation;

    2. management and administration of all ICT resources of the Ministry;

    3. conducting the ICT security policy of the Ministry, including creation of organisational and systemic security measures in the scope of protection of ICT resources as well as supervising their implementation and compliance;

    4. implementation - in cooperation with the Information Security Administrator - of procedures, security measures and documentation required for the implementation of the relevant provisions regulating the requirements for IT systems in which personal data is processed;

    5. supervision and coordination of activities of other organisational units of the Ministry in the scope of administration of funds allocated for computerisation of the Ministry as well as for the maintenance and development of ICT systems, in particular, providing opinions on draft agreements and amendments to the agreements, technical, functional and utility specifications in the scope of supplies and services ordered in the IT area;

    6. satisfying the Ministry’s needs in the scope of: ICT equipment, software, access to data, data registration and processing;

    7. technical service of making available the data collected in databases of external institutions acquired by organisational units of the Ministry;

    8. coordination of activities associated with the construction and exploitation of the Ministry’s ICT structure comprising the exchange of data with other central and field units;

    9. coordination of activities in the scope of IT training of the Ministry’s employees in agreement with the Human Resources Office;

    10. monitoring of ICT systems use.


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