Ministry of Treasury Office of the Minister - Organisational structure -


Organisational structure

Office of the Minister

Director Angelika Kraśnicka-Gniewek
Deputy Beata Trejnowska
Telephone /+48 22/ 695 82 46, 695 87 94
Fax /+48 22/ 628 52 58


  1. The tasks of the Office comprise:

    1. 1) organisation of activities associated with activities of the Minister as the governmental administration authority, in particular:

    2. organisation and coordination of works connected with preparation of documents and materials for the Minister for meetings of the Council of Ministers and committees of the Council of Ministers;

    3. coordination of implementation of tasks imposed by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister;

    4.  coordination and monitoring of implementation of tasks associated with coordination of the Minister and members of the Management with the Sejm and the Senate;

    5.  providing information from meetings of the Council of Ministers, committees of the Council of Ministers, the Sejm and the Senate as well as Parliamentary commissions to organisational units;

    6.  registering internal legal acts of the Minister and monitoring of the formal requirements related to the compliance of internal legal acts of the Minister; 

    7.  development of internal legal acts of the Minister related to the organisation of the Ministry and editing of the Official Gazette of the Minister of Treasury;

    8.  coordination of implementation of tasks and procedures defined under the Act of 7 July 2005 on lobbying activity in the legislative process (Journal of Laws no 169, item 1414 as amended - - the amendment to the aforementioned Act was announced in JournalsOf Laws of 2009 no 42, item 337, of 2011 no 106, item 622 and no 161, item 966 and of 2015 item 1893) and in internal regulations in this scope, subject to the specification of legislative activity of the Minister and the specification of legislative activity of the Minister published on the Ministry’s website;

    9.  ensuring the reporting and technical service for meetings of the Ministry College and meetings of the Management, and monitoring of implementation of the arrangements adopted at the meetings;

    10. management of the resources of correspondence addressed to the Minister;

    11. working time management and coordination of work performed by secretariats of the Ministry’s Management members;

    12. organisation and supervision of the overall issues associated with conducting of exams for members of supervisory boards of companies with the State Treasury shareholding, subject to performing the organisational and technical activities related to servicing the exams for candidates for members of supervisory boards of companies with the State Treasury shareholding;

    13. maintaining the database of candidates for members of supervisory boards.

  2. The Office coordinates the following tasks in the scope of the Ministry’s cooperation with the European Union, OECD and other international organisations which are not reserved within the competence of other organisational units, in particular:

    1. development of the Ministry’s positions on draft acts of law and documents of the Economic Union (EU), Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and other international organisations, in cooperation with other organisational units;

    2. cooperation with other units of the Ministry under the preparation of employees to participation in meetings of working groups of the Council of the European Union and OECD;

    3. monitoring of implementation of the Ministry’s commitments arising from membership of Poland in the EU, OECD and other international organisations and informing the Ministry’s Management of the status of their implementation;

    4. preparation of the Ministry’s position for meetings of the Committee on European Affairs in cooperation with organisational units competent in content-related terms.

  3. The Office conducts the following activities in the scope of bilateral international cooperation:

    1. coordinating the preparation of information materials related to foreign contacts of the Ministry for the needs of central authorities, national and international institutions;

    2. Organisation of meetings with foreign delegations, cooperation with other ministries in preparation to multilateral meetings and preparation of official foreign trips of the Ministry’s Management members in organisational, content-related and protocol-related terms;

    3. providing the logistic service of foreign trips of Ministry’s Management members and employees of the Ministry, including the formal settlement of the trips on the basis of applications for official trip and the submitted settlement of the participant’s trip, in cooperation with the Department of Budget and Finance;

    4. providing translation service of the Ministry.

  4. The Office deals with the issues associated with participation of the Ministry’s representative in activities of Export Insurance Policy Committee (KUKE).

  5. In the Office, the independent position of information security administrator operates, responsible for the implementation of tasks in the scope of personal data protection defined in separate regulations. In the scope of the performed activities of information security administrator this position reports directly to Director General of the Ministry.


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Author: Public Relations Office
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