Ministry of Treasury Department of Budget and Finance - Organisational structure -


Organisational structure

Department of Budget and Finance

Director Małgorzata Aniołek
Deputy Witold Zbikowski
Telephone /+48 22/ 695 87 29, 695 87 41
Fax /+48 22/ 695 94 08


The tasks of the department comprise:

  1. bookkeeping of the Ministry;

  2. executing the orders for disposal of funds, including performance of the financial and accounting service of bank accounts of budgetary and non-budgetary funds administered by the Minister;

  3. coordination of works associated with the planning of budget and non-budgetary funds and preparation of the Ministry’s financial plan;

  4.  exercising the control of expenditure from budgetary and non-budgetary funds, including:

    1. controlling of the compliance of economic and financial operations with the financial plan, in accordance with the applicable regulations,

    2. controlling of the completeness and reliability of documents related to economic and financial operations;

  5. preparation of periodical information for Director General on the status of execution of budgetary expenditure and on the potential risks;

  6. drawing up reports: budgetary reports and reports in the scope of employees’ social security as well as reporting and tax returns;

  7. drawing up of financial statements of the Ministry;

  8. determining of the accuracy of amounts of receivables classified as revenues and income, and preparation of requests for payment, as well as applying to the Legal and Litigation Department for institution of the enforcement proceedings;

  9. confirmation of balances and information on the status of clearings arising from the conducted settlements;

  10. confirmation of a possibility to incur liabilities within the financial plans, up to the level of limits granted to the organisational units;

  11. maintaining of the deposit of bills of exchange, sureties and pledges;

  12. maintaining registers of agreements being the source of financial liabilities and receivables where the State Treasury represented by the Minister is a party;

  13. conducting the analytical accounting of receivables, liabilities as well as revenues and costs arising from legal relations, where the State Treasury represented by the Minister is a party;

  14. preparation of declarations of the Minister concerning the redemption of receivables due to the State Treasury pursuant to Article 56 item 1 (1), (2) and (4) of the Public Finance Act of 27 August 2009;

  15. applying for the appointment of a team assessing the legitimacy of redemption of the State Treasury receivables;

  16. preparation of requests for payment of the State Treasury receivables due to various titles and, in justified cases, filing motions for institution of court proceedings to the Legal and Litigation Department;

  17. providing of the cash-desk service of the Ministry;

  18. calculation of wages and preparation of the payroll documentation;

  19. accounting records and settlement of business trip costs based on the received documents in cooperation with the Office of the Minister;

  20. keeping the synthetic register of asset components of the Ministry;

  21. coordination and participation in preparation and settlement of periodical stocktaking of the Ministry’s assets;

  22. preparing opinions on draft agreements constituting the source of revenues in privatisation, in the scope of accountingand transaction hedging methods, excluding, excluding draft agreements for sales of stocks/shares not containing the non-price investment or employee commitments, prepared according to the template included in a separate ordinance of the Minister or Director-General, or accepted in formal and legal terms by the Legal Department or the Legal and Litigation Department, approved by the Department of Restructuring and Public Aid within its scope of competence;

  23. providing opinions concerning the agreements from which the obligations in the scope of compliance with the Public Finance Act and implementing regulations to this Actarise, and in terms of securing funds for the execution of the obligation;

  24. development of the financial plan, management of funds deposited on the account of the special purpose State Treasury Fund and drawing up a report on its execution.


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