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Organisational structure

Legal Department

Director Krzysztof Majewski
Telephone /+48 22/ 695 87 40, 695 84 41
Fax /+48 22/ 695 87 40, 695 84 41


The Department’s responsibilities comprise provision of legal services to the Management of the Ministry and the Ministry, excluding issues defined for Legal and Litigation Department, including:

  1. preparing legal and editorial opinions on draft normative acts or draft assumptions related to draft acts of law developed by organisational units competent in content-related terms, or by public administration bodies, submitted for approval as draft governmental documents;
  2. preparing proposals of the Government's positions related to normative acts of law based on comments  presented by organisational units competent in content-related ters;
  3. applying to the Governmental Centre of Legislation for examination of the draft normative act developed at the Ministry by the Legal Commission, or for discharging from this obligation;
  4. coordination of the cooperation with the Governmental Centre of Legislation at the Prime Minister in the scope of examination and arrangement of legal acts and draft assumptions of Acts of Law submitted by the Minister for examination by the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers and the Council of Ministers;
  5. preparing opinions on draft internal acts of law;
  6. preparing opinions concerning the compliance of draft documents referred to in § 11(5) with the binding provisions; 
  7. conducting arrangements in the scope of adopting interpretation of law with other governmental administration bodies and issuing binding interpretations concerning acts of law within the competence of the Minister;
  8. informing, in the form of announcements, members of the Ministry’s Management and directors of organisational units of amendments in the applicable legal regulations with significant role for exercising of the Minister’s competence;
  9. disseminating of legal opinions issued by the Department at the Ministry, significant in terms of exercising of the Minister’s competence;
  10. maintaining the register of the Minister’s legislative activities;
  11. preparing opinions on draft normative acts of the Minister and other governmental documents in terms of compliance with international agreements ratified by the Republic of Poland and the European Union law.


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