Ministry of Treasury Department of Ownership Supervision - Organisational structure -


Organisational structure

Department of Ownership Supervision

Director Katarzyna Lewandowska
Deputy Grzegorz Kłoczko
Telephone /+48 22/ 695 87 92, 695 89 64
Fax /+48 22/ 695 94 10, 695 89 25


  1. The department performs tasks in the scope of ownership supervision in accordance with the classification of industries, companies and state-owned enterprises:

    1. supervision over state-owned enterprises for which the Minister of Treasury is the founding body and performing other activities of the founding body,

    2. classification of state-owned enterprises for commercialisation,

    3. commercialisation of state-owned enterprises and research and development entities, including the commercialisation of state-owned enterprises for the purpose of municipalisation, on request of the executive bodies of local government entities,

    4. contributing state-owned enterprises to companies fully owned by the State Treasury,

    5. exercising State Treasury rights and obligations arising from participation titles in commercial law companies, subject to assignments referred to in item 11 of the specification of tasks of the Department of Ownership Transformations  and subject to tasks referred to in items 4 and 7, performed by the  Department of Restructuring and Public Aid, in particular:

      1. exercising voting rights and other corporate and proprietary rights of a shareholder/partner,

      2. performing activities associated with the execution of rights and obligations of a partner/shareholder, in particular, those involving appointing of governing bodies of companies, approval of financial statements and reports of management boards on activities of companies, increasing or decreasing of share capital, redemption of stocks/shares, contribution of stocks/shares to other entity as an in-kind contribution, division, merger and transformation of companies,

      3. monitoring of the economic and financial standing of companies;

    6. current cooperation with representatives of the State Treasury in supervisory boards;

    7. performing periodical inventory of State Treasury shares and stocks in capital companies;

    8. preparing content-related opinions concerning applications for granting public aid and applications for granting support other than public aid, submitted by supervised entities.

  2. The tasks referred to in item 1 also comprise companies with the State Treasury shareholding included in the capital group where a parent entity is the company referred to in item 1.

  3. The department maintains databases related to the supervised enterprises and companies and prepares reports on the economic and financial standing of supervised entities according to the rules defined in separate regulations of the Minister.

  4. The department implements tasks associated with transformation of independent health care establishments into capital companies, in case of establishments for which the minister, the central governmental administration body or the governor of the province is the founding entity.

  5. The department conducts activities aimed at establishment of a commercial law company or entering into such a company and establishment of other legal person as stipulated in the applicable legal regulations.

  6. The department performs tasks of the Minister related to foundations where the Minister is a founder, co-founder or executes functions of a competent minister.

  7. The department performs tasks in the scope of:

    1. coordinating the work of technical administrators of departments competent for ownership supervision and privatisation, and cooperation with the Office of Director General under the content-related development of assumptions to modifications, testing and acceptance of the performed ZSI system modifications in the scope of monitoring and registration of supervision and privatisation processes;

    2. development of projects and coordination of works associated with the construction of databases, storage, processing and making data available, including the cooperation with organisational units of the Ministry in the scope of collection, exchange and updating of information and its storage in the Ministry’s central database;

    3. preparation and providing of aggregate statistical information on entities supervised by the Ministry of Treasury, based on data derived from the ZSI system, on request of the relevant organisational units of the Ministry;

    4. publication of announcements on disposal of real property or other assets


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