Ministry of Treasury Privatisation Plan for the years 2008-2011 -


Privatisation Plan for the years 2008-2011

The Privatisation Plan aims to unblock and expedite the privatisation process in Poland. Accouncing the Plan, Prime Minister Donald Tusk said:

“Within the first six months we shall accept and announce a four-year privatisation programme and we shall precisely specify the list of companies which shall not undergo privatisation and shall be transferred to local government as well as the list of those companies which shall be treated as strategic by the state, which means that they shall not undergo privatisation”.
In order to facilitate the privatisation process during 2008-2011, some changes have been necessary to legislation prepared by the Ministry of Treasury concerning commercialization and privatisation. These changes:

  1. increase the openness and transparency of the privatisation process,
  2. allow the free transfer of stocks and shares owned by the Treasury to local government authorities,
  3. authorise the sale of stocks/shares of companies by public auction,
  4. simplify privatisation procedures,
  5. lower privatisation costs,
  6. shorten the length of privatisation processes.

The privatisation plan covers companies from key finance, power, chemical and petroleum sectors where privatisation has already started or will commence, as well as the following industries: machine, metal, electronic, electro-technical, spirits, food, wood and paper, furniture, clothing and clothing raw materials, transport and freight, trading companies and service units as well as minority shareholdings (the residues) or companies from the NFI Program.

Ownership changes in respective branches will be brought about in accordance with government programmes and sector strategies, both present and those which will be adopted during the implementation of the programme. According with the plan, the process of ownership transformations in most of the abovementioned sectors and branches will be finalised in the years 2008-2011. 

It is estimated that by 2011 the total proceeds from privatisation will amount to PLN 30 billion. These budget revenues will be used in particular to support restructuring processes in various enterprises, key social programmes (including scholarships for young scientists) and to provide compensation for individuals who lost their property. 



Published by: Agnieszka Steindl
Author: Public Relations Office
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