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Company Profile


Centrum Biurowe Plac Grunwaldzki S.A.

Company character
Owner transformation stage
To be privatised
17 - 2016 kw. 3
Initial capital
Situation of the registered office

The company has existed for over 60 years. It manages an office building with the area exceeding 17 thousand m2. The plot where the building is located is a subject of the perpetual usufruct right granted by the Treasury. The office building is situated in attractive location, in the centre of Katowice, with convenient access from Chorzów, Sosnowiec or Siemianowice Śląskie. The company offers different office space, from 16m2 to the entire floor (2,000m2). The office building has 7 above-grade and 2 below-grade floors. It has a frame made from two lines of columns thanks to which the inner walls between the columns can be placed almost anywhere. Both the building and the paid car park are monitored by a system of cameras and security guards 24/7. Close to 100 companies and institutions from many sectors have their seats in the office building. It is a cheaper alternative to "A" class buildings in the centre of Katowice, offering e.g. easier access.

 In 2011, the company underwent restructuring, including e.g. sale of unprofitable organised business unit in the form of an engineering office and optimised employment.


 - attractive location with convenient access

- own car par constructed in 2011

- the building structure enabling to change the layout of inner walls, adapting it to the customers' needs

- completed internal restructuring process, with the optimum employment level achieved

Financial results (PLN)

2013 2014 2015
2629.36 2945.89 3327.62
331.02 545.02 923.80
Results netto
89.56 191.57 505.90



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