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Company Profile


Przedsiębiorstwo Drogowo-Mostowe Spółka Akcyjna

Company character
Owner transformation stage
To be privatised
160 - 2016 kw. 3
Initial capital
Situation of the registered office

Przedsiębiorstwo Drogowo-Mostowe S.A. belongs to the group of medium-sized road companies created in the course of reorganising former road administration. The core activities of the Company are focused on road construction and repairs. The Company performs road works in Subcarpathian and Lesser Poland voivodeships. Some road works are subcontracted. The headquarters and the equipment and transport depot is situated in Dębica, at Drogowców Street. Moreover, the company has own Bituminous Compound Production Plant in Kozodrza, in Ropczycko-Sędziszowski poviat district, called INTRAME, with the capacity of 200 t/h. The company has infrastructure required for its activities. It includes such equipment as bitum bunkers, conveyors, crushers, loose material containers, ingredients batchmeters, scales. The other property includes fixed assets for auxiliary works, comprising different jumping jack compactors, soil compactors, sweepers, sanders and sanders & salt dispensers, asphalt cutters and laboratory equipment. The company owns also manufacturing equipment used for road construction, e.g. asphalt spreaders, rollers, loading machines and means of transport (passenger vehicles, delivery vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers). The company operates on the public procurement market. It participates primarily in tenders for construction, organised by the road authorities on various levels: from the municipal roads authority, through poviat, voivodeship ones to the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. Its purpose is to participate in the highest number of tenders possible. The major customers of services offered by it are budgetary units, municipal and poviat authorities. The price for services sold depends largely on the market situation and also the number of tenders announced and investors' budgets. The strong competitors of the company, active on the road market in South-Eastern Poland, include: SKANSKA S.A., MPDiM Rzeszów Sp. z o.o., STRABAG Sp. z o.o., MOTA ENGIL, PRDiM Krosno Sp. z o.o.


  •  long market experience
  •  rich technical back-end
  •  experienced personnel
  •  prospective activity profile because of the needs related to the development and modernisation of roads

Financial results (PLN)

2013 2014 2015
45441.20 49987.62 68507.77
1509.47 753.98 1946.79
Results netto
-945.12 -539.24 545.86



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