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Zakłady Badań i Atestacji "ZETOM" im. Prof. F. Stauba w Katowicach Sp. z o.o.

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The Company operates in the market of quality services since 1950, first as Zakłady Odbioru Wyrobów Hutniczych (ZOWH), then since 1968 as Zakłady Technicznego Odbioru Materiałów (ZETOM), and finally as Zakłady Badań i Atestacji “ZETOM” Katowice im. Profesora Fryderyka Stauba. Until May 2008, ZETOM operated as a state-owned enterprise. Following its commercialisation in June 2008, the Company has the status of a limited liability company.
The Company is engaged in the testing activity, including testing of product quality, certification of products and manufacturing processes, as well as testing and measuring of technical and operational specifications of materials and products. The Company also performs analyses and controls of the quality of manufacture and supplies at manufacturer premises, issues technical acceptance attestations, and certifies measurement credibility and accuracy of measuring and control devices by calibration. The Company also conducts interdisciplinary laboratory tests and analyses, provides trainings, and implements modern quality management methods and systems.
As a certifying, testing, calibrating and training body, the Company has a strong and established position in the Polish quality services market. As one of two certifying bodies providing certification of smelting products for the construction industry, the Company has its own accredited testing laboratory. Next to the District Measure Offices, the Company also has an accredited laboratory for calibration of devices in three different areas: electricity, length and angle, and hardness and strength. In scope of the courses and trainings provided by the Company, the Company cooperates with various colleges and universities, especially with respect to postgraduate studies.
The Company provides services for many companies from all over Poland and abroad, based on external orders or contracts. The Company provides certification services mainly for companies in the smelting and metallurgical industry, the electrical and electrical engineering industry, and the construction industry, as well as services in scope of calibration of measuring and control devices for the automotive industry.
As a company providing services, the Company has no regular suppliers and relies on the services of various companies as regards the supply of measuring devices and IT equipment.
The Company’s development is directly related to the economic situation and the development of sectors for which the Company provides services.



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