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Centrala Nasienna Spółka z o.o.

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Centrala Nasienna is a company operating in the field of supervising the production and sales of certified agricultural seed. It controls more than 40% of a local market and is responsible for 25% of domestic sales of maize. It is one of few Centrala Nasienna companies on the Polish market with 99% of revenues are generated by the sale of seed. The essential customers are farmers from all over Poland who buy seeds either directly from stores or through a network of distributors. Also, retail sales made through a network of sales partners accounts for the main portion of company’s sales. A minimum portion of sales is exports. Production capacities of the company amount to 20-25 thousand tons of certified seed of crops and other agricultural winter and spring plants, which are processed by 5 production plants. According to Company’s strategy there are plans to increase its market share on the domestic market and enter into foreign markets. Also, Centrala Nasienna intends to purchase or build two warehouses in Lubuskie and Silesian provinces to extend its operations in these markets. Over the next years ca. 70% of its net profit is expected to be spent for investment projects . Seed interchangeability in Poland is ca. 12%, being much less then European’s average of ca. 50%. The Polish market is expected to approach the EU average, according to the Company’s forecasts.



Środa Śląska
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71 317 23 84


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