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Ośrodek Hodowli Zarodowej Kłanino Sp. z o.o.

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The company emerged from the former Kłanino State Centre for Pedigree Breeding. It deals with the farming of dairy cattle, plant production and commercial activities in these areas. It employs skilled personnel trained in the modern technologies utilized by Ośrodek. The company's principal field of activity comprises production of milk, reproductive material used in its farming activity and slaugther cattle. The farming of dairy cattle in Kłanino was started in the 1940s. In the 1970s, bulls of the Holstein-Fresian breed were brought to Ośrodek. Until today the company has been working to improve the genotype of cattle by using bulls imported from the Netherlands and USA for mating. The farming activity is conducted in the modern building equipped with 180 pens while the raising of calves and heifers takes place in the calf and heifer house equipped with 210 pens. The company has also buildings for hog-breeding but they have not been used for five years now as this production has been unprofitable in the recent years. The second field of Ośrodek's activity is plant production for the needs of the first of its fields of activity. OHZ Kłanino manages the land with the surface area of 709.3 ha, 696.6 ha of which is leased form the Agricultural Property Agency. On the 12.8 hectares of company's owned land there are buildings for livestock as well as warehouse, workshop and residential buildings. The arable land is used for growing winter rape, winter rye, winter rye-wheat, oats and maize. The main assumptions of the company's strategy include an increase in the milk production by improving the quality of feed and genotype of cattle, introduction of a beef cattle breed to the stock-farming, continuation of works aimed to improve the quality of soil, and improvement of the company image.



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