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Minister Dawid Jackiewicz at the Conference Devoted to the Investments on the Oder River

Minister of Treasury Dawid Jackiewicz participated in the meeting "The Upper Oder River for the Polish Economy" devoted to the government plans of restoring navigability on the Oder river and ensuring the ability to use the river by the businessmen.

The meeting was held on Wednesday, 3 August this year, in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship Office. Following the invitation of the Lower Silesian voivode, Paweł Hreniak, the meeting was attended also by Marek Gróbarczyk, Minister of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation, Jerzy Materna, Secretary of State in the said Ministry, and the Deputy Minister of Energy Grzegorz Tobiszowski. The invited guests included also heads of economic zones, companies with Treasury shareholding, carriers, local government representatives and companies related to navigation.

During the conference, the Voivode spoke of the necessity to discuss the future of the Oder Waterway with businessmen. "We wish to invite everyone to participate in this dialogue. We wish to arrive at the situation when the enterprises enter the waterway transport as something obvious in their development strategies, Paweł Hreniak stressed. Before the meeting, the Ministers and the Lower Silesian Voivode visited Malczyce and the construction site of the barrage.

The government representatives emphasized that restoring the navigability of the Oder river is to enable large vessels, using the river as a perfect means of transport, to enter the Oder.

Minister Dawid Jackiewicz stressed that the expenditure, reaching many billion PLN, required to redevelop the Oder river, will be cost-effective. He reminded that in 1970s more than 3 thousand ships a year went through the barrage in Brzeg Dolny. He would like to make the number similar today. "I am going to encourage all companies with Treasury shareholding to use such a means of transport. This is a great development opportunity, reducing transport costs, said Minister Dawid Jackiewicz.


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