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  • Polish-Chinese economic cooperation – gradual development of mutual relations 18.09.2014 Polish-Chinese economic cooperation - direct investments
    China plays an important role in Poland's foreign trade relations. In the last years,the trade between the two countries has been growing fast, albeit the imports-exports imbalance remains extreme – Polish exports to China are equal to as little as 10% of Chinese exports to Poland. The Polish government and institutions supporting Polish businesses are currently running a campaign addressed to entrepreneurs in Poland,aimed at increasing exports to China and bridging the gap in the trade balance.
  • Ownership transformations of state-owned enterprises 12.09.2014
    as at 31 December 2013
  • Polish restaurant market is growing 12.09.2014
    Poland's restaurant market may have reached, according to preliminary estimates, the value of some PLN 23 bln, data included in researcher PMR's report „HoReCa [Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes – PAP] Market in Poland 2014. Market analysis and development forecasts for the years 2014-2019” published in March. PMR analysts claim that 2014 will be a year of growth and a significant improvement of the situation on the market, especially in terms of franchise. Poland's restaurant market is growing on aver
  • 1st stage of consolidation confirmed by the court 08.09.2014
    District Court in Warsaw issued a positive decision on raising the share capital of PGZ (Polish Arms Group). Consequently, the first stage of consolidation of the Group has been closed.


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