Pomoc dla niepełnosprawnych


  • Relatively high NBP interest rates produced no sudden capital inflow to Poland so far 16.04.2015 NBP interest rates
    Poland faces no threat of a sudden capital inflow which could have a negative effect on the economy despite still relatively high central bank interest rates and the European Central Bank’s asset purchase program, economists believe.
  • Poland's investments in Africa to start surging in 2016 10.04.2015
    Poland may enjoy a clear increase in the number of investments in Africa as of next year, including greenfield investments, i.e. building new facilities in the areas which have not been put to industrial use so far, according to Poland's information and foreign investments promotion agency PAIiIZ. These investments will take place above all in the foods, mining and machinery industry.
  • Polish savers are banks' most finance-savvy clients in Europe 08.04.2015
    Nearly nine in ten Poles know the interest rate on their savings compared to only 71% of Belgians, according to an annual survey of savings behaviors of European consumers by ING bank entitled "ING Financial Barometer," published mid-March.
  • Polish outsourcing centers with more employees 02.04.2015
    Poland's business services sector, also known as the outsourcing market, has been developing for the past ten years at a very dynamic rate. The average annual growth of employment in outsourcing centers amounts to some 20%. In the period, Poland has achieved a strong position on the outsourcing services market.


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