Pomoc dla niepełnosprawnych


  • Most Poles choose to change job for financial reasons 20.05.2015
    The majority of those Poles (53%) who are thinking of changing their job are considering such a move because of unsatisfactory salary, shows a study conducted for temp agency Work Service by researcher Millward Brown. One in three employees mulling switching jobs plans to look for a new employer because the current one does not allow for self-fulfillment, while 22% - because they do not see any chances for a promotion.
  • Prime Minister Kopacz and Minister Karpiński in Turów Power Plant 18.05.2015 Prime Minister Kopacz and Minister Karpiński in Turów Power Plant / Photo Daniel Frymark, PGE
    The unit in Turów Power Plant is a crucial investment, based on the mining and power engineering complex. When it is completed, we will be able to provide inexpensive electricity to about 1.5 million households, said Ewa Kopacz, Prime Minister who inaugurated the construction of a new power unit in Turów Power Plant, together with Włodzimierz Karpiński, Minister of Treasury.
  • Wojciech Kowalczyk on Performing the Repair Plan for Mining Sector 18.05.2015
    Wojciech Kowalczyk, Government Plenipotentiary for Coal Mining Restructuring and the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Treasury met with the representatives of trade unions and management boards of coal mine companies in Katowice.
  • Cash for Extending the Plant in Pionki already in PGZ 15.05.2015 Photo PGZ
    As signalled before, on Friday Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa received 74.1 million PLN for the R&D and implementation projects.


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