Pomoc dla niepełnosprawnych


  • Top nine Polish export hits – part 1 20.08.2014 The percentage share of selected products in Poland's exports in 2013
    Poland achieved a foreign trade surplus for the first time in history in January-May this year, according to the data of stats office GUS. Foreign trade balance in the period showed a token surplus of EUR 65 mln. The following is a list of Poland's 9 greatest export ”hits” - products whose foreign sales contributed to this historic change in the Polish economy.
  • State of the Polish tea market 18.08.2014 Value of Poland's tea exports and imports (in PLN mln) with exports growth rate 2009 -2013 (in %)
    Poland has long been considered a country of tea-drinkers. It ranks #4 in Europe in tea consumption, according to a January ranking of Euromonitor researcher and the World Bank. With consumption of 1 kg per person annually, Poland is surpassed only by Ireland (2.18 kg), the United Kingdom (1.93 kg) and Russia (1.38 kg). Worldwide, Poland ranks #9, ahead of such countries like China, Japan as well as Saudi Arabia, where tea is considered a national drink.
  • Polish bicycle market – Poles buy more bikes than cars 14.08.2014 Bike usage frequency by Poles
    Poland has been experiencing a bicycle boom in recent years: More and more cities set up their bicycle sharing systems and Warsaw's Veturilo is considered one of the best such systems in the world. Bicycles account for 5% of all journeys within the nation's capital, according to a recent report by the WHO and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.
  • Polish chocolate market - current state and future prospects 12.08.2014
    In 2013, the chocolate market in Poland made ​​a 6% increase, according to data from Euromonitor International quoted by internet magazine portalspozywczy.pl at the beginning of July this year. The image of chocolate as a mood-improving food favors sales even despite its rising prices.


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