• Polish yacht producers – Poland’s only luxury industry 16.04.2014
    There are nearly 1000 companies in Poland, which specialize in manufacturing yachts and yacht equipment, the Central Statistics Office data show. Moreover, these 1000 companies achieve an average annual output of approximately 22,000 yachts a year, the Polish Chamber of Marine Industry and Water Sports reports.
  • Car production in Poland – summary of 2013 and forecasts for 2014 11.04.2014
    There were 575,117 passenger and delivery cars produced in Poland in 2013, which is 9.55% less than in 2012 – the Samar Institute reported. This decline was the result of discontinued Fiat Panda’s production at Tychy Fiat’s factory. The industry’s production output has been falling continuously since 2010.
  • Luxury goods market in Poland 10.04.2014
    The luxury goods market will grow to PLN 12.9 bln in 2016 against PLN 11.3 bln in 2014 and PLN 10.8 bln in 2013–KPMG wrote in a report published in December 2013. The number of rich persons in 2016 will also grow to 963,000 against 828,000 In 2014 and 786,000 in 2013.
  • Meeting of the Minister of State Treasury with the Ambassador of Croatia 09.04.2014 Croatian delegation on a visit to the Ministry of State Treasury
    - Poland and Croatia participate in the flagship project aimed at improving the energy security of Central and Eastern Europe countries - the North-South gas corridor - Włodzimierz Karpiński, the Minister of State Treasury, said during a meeting with Andrea Bekić, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia in Poland.



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