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  • Polish automotive sector in 2014 and its significance for economy 19.01.2015 Polish automotive sector in 2014 and its significance for economy
    Poland attracted significant foreign investments in the automotive sector over the past years and has thus achieved the position of one of the biggest cars, car parts and automotive components producers in the CEE.
  • The economy and future pensioners need more savings 15.01.2015 pap
    Experts agree that Poles save too little and if they do not start putting aside greater sums they will have trouble ensuring sufficiently high pensions while Poland might not maintain a high pace of economic growth.
  • Competitiveness - a priority for Polish economy 13.01.2015 pap
    Government representatives declare that competitiveness will be their focus point when drafting economic policy, as it is competitiveness that will enable Poland dynamic development. That’s why it is exactly the development of competitiveness that will consume most of the EU funds in the framework of cohesion policy.
  • Attracting new investments by individual regions 08.01.2015
    Poland’s regions Slaskie and Mazowieckie remain the country’s most attractive areas to invest in, but other regions are consistently improving their attractiveness, shows a report prepared by the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) for the Polish information and foreign investments promotion agency PAIiIZ.


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