Pomoc dla niepełnosprawnych


  • Online advertising market 09.10.2014 The value of individual segments of Polish ad market and thier forecasted CAGR in 2017
    Polish online advertising market will soon see the spending on promotion on the internet exceed budgets for TV advertising, the latest survey of the segment shows. This could happen in 3-4 years, according to most advertising agencies. They back their forecasts with declarations of gradual raising of the expenditures on online advertising of customers – 78%.
  • Another investment of Azoty Group 06.10.2014 Source: Azoty Group / Photo: Sławomir Kłak
    - Completion of this development proves that the way from an idea to its implementation does not take long in Azoty. Warehousing raw materials in the present situation is important for strategic reasons and it will facilitate flexible response to the possible delivery disturbances, said Włodzimierz Karpiński during the official opening of a new ammonia storage facility in Puławy.
  • Programme One at the Stock Exchange 06.10.2014 Everything You Want to Know about the Stock Exchange... Investor's ABC
    How is the share price created, what is the primary and secondary market? - those and other questions will be answered in the second edition of the cycle called "Everything You Want to Know about the Stock Exchange" which will be broadcast by TVP1 on Mondays from 6 October this year at 8:25 p.m.
  • Włodzimierz Karpiński at the gala for Azoty Group employees 06.10.2014 Source: Azoty Group
    - Azoty Group is a pride of the Polish economy. We consider it a strategic entity and this is why it was entered on the list of entities of key importance for the Polish economy, supervised by the Minister of State Treasury.


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