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"Uzdrowisko Kamień Pomorski" S.A.

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Uzdrowisko Kamien Pomorski provides services in health care, medical rehabilitation, prevention and leisure. The health resort in Kamien Pomorski has a number of sanatorium facilities providing health care and rehabilitation. These are: health resort hospital “Mieszko” with an institute of natural medicine in Przyziemie, health resort sanatorium “Chrobry” with an institute of natural medicine in Przyziemie, health resort sanatorium “Dabrówka” with treatment facilities, health resort sanatorium “Gryf”, an institute of natural medicine “Feniks” and a brine indoor swimming pool.
The Company strives to continually improve its accommodation and treatment facilities. To this end  an upgrade was carried out in the “Chrobry” sanatorium which, in the future, is expected to be used for commercial sale of its treatment capacities. All facilities, excluding “Gryf” sanatorium, are disabled person friendly.
The essential business and the main speciality of the Health Resort is the treatment of motor organ diseases of traumaticorthopaedic, neurological and rheumatic origin. Also, the Health Resort specialises in early cardiologic, general body, neurological rehabilitation, as well as rehabilitation of post-mastectomy women. By utilising its own natural resources and newest rehabilitation equipment the health resort in Kamien offers several dozen types of treatment including hydrotherapy, light therapy, as well as natural therapies using own natural resources highly valued by patients (clients).
The Health Resort is among the major and best organised workplaces in the county of Kamien Pomorski and patients undergoing treatment therapies here contribute to the economic development of the town. The essential contractor of the healthcare services provided by the Company is primarily the National Health Fund (contracts account for 85 – 88% of revenues of the Health Resort), and then patients, who pay for their rehabilitation treatment therapies individually (approx. 10% of revenues). A several percentage portion of commercial revenues are foreign patients arriving for treatment from Sweden and Germany. Sales of healthcare services are mainly to the domestic market. Patients are mostly elderly people, retired persons and pensioners. Also, the Health Resort’s revenues come from other businesses such as lease, flat rental, sales of therapeutic mud, providing accommodation.
In societies that are getting older and older the idea of recovering in spa resorts is more and more popular. Changes in people's attitude and mentality that concern healthy lifestyle and  vitality give hope to reach new clients who will visit the spa resort privately. The Company’s revenues rose from year to year.



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