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Kopalnia Piasku "Kotlarnia" S.A.

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The activities of Kopalnia Piasku “Kotlarnia” S.A. fall into four main areas of operation: production of mineral aggregates, rail transportation services, reuse of construction and mining waste and lease of fixed assets. Production of mineral aggregates is carried out in two mining fields. Building sand and sand-and-gravel aggregates are obtained directly from the deposit. Sand-and-gravel aggregates are used as a base for obtaining, through separation and washing processes, outwash gravels and sands for use, among others, in building industry in the production of concrete, paving stones, etc. The Company’s services cover the markets of the following provinces: Śląskie, Małopolskie (western section) and Opolskie (eastern section). Bulk sales account for the main part of the Company’s trading operations.

Kopalnia Piasku “Kotlarnia” S.A. regularly invests in the mine’s infrastructure in order to fully satisfy client demands and meet the changing market requirements. The main product sold by the Company is outwash sand with a granulation of 0-2 mm. Sales of dry sand utilised for a number of industrial purposes have also been developed for several years now. The products are sold from the Company’s main sales outlet located at the processing plant in Kotlarnia, as well as from the outlets located in Zabrze-Biskupice, Pyskowice and Siedliska near Kuźnia Raciborska, where the Company opened its own processing plant in 2007.

“Kotlarnia” S.A. has its own rail line, reaching over to the western parts of Śląskie Province and eastern side of Oploskie Province. Pursuant to a lease agreement, the railway is operated by a subsidiary “Kopalnia Piasku Kotlarnia – Linie Kolejowe” Sp. z o.o. which provides access to the rail infrastructure to licensed rail carriers.



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