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PAK Kopalnia Węgla Brunatnego Konin S.A.

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KWB “Konin” w Kleczewie is one of the four lignite mines in Poland, the other being KWB Bełchatów, KWB Turów and KWB Adamów. It is operated as a multi open pit mine, adapting its output to the changing lignite demand by starting next open pits. Such a mining system results from the characteristics of lignite deposits in the Konin basin, and especially from their relatively small reserves and their location in the radius of fifty to ninety kilometres from the power plant. At present, the output from the three active pits: Jóźwin II B, Kazimierz and Drzewce ranges from 9-10 million tonnes. It is planned to start a new lignite deposit at the Tomisławice Division in 2011. The Company owns several indentified perspective deposits, i.e. Piaski, Mąkoszyn-Grochowiska, Dęby Szlacheckie-Izbica Kujawska and Ościsłowo with the lignite quality parameters similar to the currently extracted deposits. The Company has highly qualified personnel, optimized processes of lignite extraction, as well as modern enterprise management information systems (SAP). KWB “Konin” also holds shares in the Recreation and Health Centre “Węgiel Brunatny” in Kołobrzeg, “Aquakon” in Police – a producer of spring water, ”Asekuracja” Property and Security Agency, “MED-ALKO” Health Care and Occupational Medicine Centre, “PWE GUBIN” lignite deposit exploration company (50% shares) and in the “Eko-Surowce” Company. Lignite is the second most important energy source in Poland after hard coal. Our country is the forth European and sixth global producer of lignite. It is the cheapest conventional fuel used primarily in power generation sector. For many years it has been considered as a strategic fuel. In the recent years, about 33-35% of electric energy in Poland has been produced from lignite. The role of lignite as a primary energy carrier in the national energy security policy is essential because of its large reserves and due to the growing prices of other energy sources, especially crude oil and natural gas. The Company’s share in the domestic extraction of lignite amounts to 20 percent. The main consumer of its lignite is ZE PAK S.A. having a nearly 9 percent share in the energy production market and being the second largest domestic producer of energy generated from lignite.



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