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Remag S.A. is a manufacturer of various types of mining machines, heading machines. With its own manufacturing facilities, extensive machinery stock and highly qualified personnel, the Company is involved in the manufacturing and repairing of heading machines either for lease or for sale to customers. Also, Remag S.A. operates also on foreign markets being through its involvement in mining operations mainly on the Spanish market and a prospective Vietnamese market. As far as domestic operations are concerned, the key sales markets for Remag S.A. are located in Southern Poland with largest reserves of hard coal. Its major customers are the three largest coal mining companies in Poland: Kompania Węglowa S.A., Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A. and Katowicki Holding Węglowy S.A. Remag S.A. works closely with companies providing services for mines (heading driving services).
Remag S.A has a modern machinery stock consisting of CNC machine tools, machining centres, welding manipulators, semi-automatic machines for cutting, welding and overlay welding. Therefore, each and every customer receives top quality products. Manufacturing processes in Remag S.A. are controlled by international quality standards covering quality management and welding processes. Strategically, the Company focuses primarily on strengthening its market position in the hard coal mining sector and supplying top quality products and services to obtain maximum customer satisfaction.
The Company offers round-the-clock machine maintenance, also at customer’s premises, provides service parts and components, performs running repairs and general overhauls of components. In the coming three years the Company intends to increase revenues from the lease of machinery. Thanks to this, the technical development efforts will be made to continually increase the number of the machine types available. Hard coal mining sector, in which the Company mainly operates, is an attractive sales market for heading machines manufactured by Remag S.A.



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